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See for yourself why our balls are now becoming the choice of many clubs and leagues around Australia…. Already massively popular in the US, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada & Europe, the Focus ball gives you a premium quality ball at an affordable price.

4 piece, Grade A Solid Hide 4mm Butt Leather with a 5 layer inner core construction makes our balls extremely durable and bat friendly.

The key to the affordability of our ball is we DO NOT build League sponsorship dollars into the price of each ball as we support the clubs and grass roots cricket with affordable cricket.

Only $35ea or $32ea when purchased in a box of 12…. See for yourself how you can save a lot of money partnering with Focus.

Call Mark 0417998919

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last month


Here at B3, we are recognised for having our industry's most advanced, consistent bat-making process. Walking out to bat with a cricket bat that suits you in every aspect and a bat you trust will fill you with confidence at the crease. Combining the two will result in one thing ….. MORE RUNS!

Every cricket bat we make from the very first to the last out of the factory has its unique serial number. That serial number is the DNA of that bat and provides all the information we need to make the exact same bat again. That repeatable consistency, quality and performance are the key reasons our customers, from club players to some of the top professional players in the world, love their B3.

We love to welcome cricketers to our Nottinghamshire factory so they can see first-hand how we combine advanced tech and old traditional craftsmanship to produce our beautiful bats.


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last month

On Saturday I took a little drive into Birmingham to pick out a new cricket bat for the season (the 20 mile drive took me nearly two hours!) and it got me thinking......

I'm just a club cricketer but I'm very picky. I couldn't care less about the brand, all I'm bothered about is the feel of the bat, the way it picks up, is the sweet spot generous and slightly low on the blade as we tend to play on slow decks in Warwickshire.

I went to three different bat makers in Birmingham, the first place only had 10 bats to look at, none felt right, so onto the next place. It said it was open, but I turned up and it was shut, so third time was the charm. I met Abid at A7 Cricket, and I was with him for nearly two hours, I picked up at least 50 blades before falling in love with one particular bit of wood.

When I was younger and a better player I would get bats for free but now I'm older and sh*tter, I don't have that luxury. If I'm to spend £300+ on willow, I'm not doing this online and risk getting something that doesn't feel right.

In February, March & April why don't bat makers go on the road in a van and book appointments with clubs and players? If a bat maker booked in an appointment at my club (Kenilworth CC) at preseason training they would have access to 40 senior players and over 100 junior players, I have no doubt they would sell a good number of blades in one hit. Go one step further, could appointments be booked in for at home visits and the van is essentially a showroom? The batmaker could do visits in the evenings and weekends when customers are actually available..

Maker&Son do this with sofa's coming directly to your door and it works.

This is hardly the most innovative idea but I've never heard of a bat maker doing this, yes there would be overheads but if you used a free booking software tool such as Calendly or Square then plugged it into your website and socials you're off. The bat maker then just needs to market effectively to their local audience and do outbound calls/emails with local clubs, you could even offer the club a group discount if they purchase a minimum order of bats.

Anyways, this is a ramble but for all the cricket badgers out there, would you use this type of service....... 🤔

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3 months ago

We have been in partnership with Mosman Cricket Club for 3 seasons now.

The club has had plenty of highs. A brand-new grandstand with state-of-the-art facilities is nearly here and the club wanted to change things up with our apparel to mark the occasion.

Listen below as I speak about what the Mosman Cricket Club partnership with 2Reds Apparel means to me and the community.

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3 months ago

Workout tops and running tops that eliminate odour. No Timid Souls has solved the problem of smelly sportswear.

Independent lab tests confirmed that our ‘Glide360’ tops eliminate more than 99% of odour-causing bacteria. They start fighting odour during a sweaty workout or run, and they keep at it afterwards until odour is eliminated altogether.

Anti-microbial silver technology is embedded in our Glide360 tops and guaranteed to work for the life of the garments.

What does that mean for our customers? No two bodies or workouts are the same, but it’s common to get 5 sweaty workouts or 10 days of everyday wear from a Glide360 top without odour or washing.

Eventually, some salts and oils from our bodies will build up a little on the Glide360 tops and they’ll benefit from a wash so they’re ready to go again.

We’re committed to the pursuit of innovations that help solve problems for our customers. And that goes beyond the sports science, materials science and design expertise that make our products feel fantastic, work exceptionally well and look great.

From innovations that redefine sustainable sportswear, to unique crowdfunding solutions that boost athlete incomes, we're just getting started.

If you want to know more about our ground-breaking innovations, you can subscribe to or follow No Timid Souls on LinkedIn and Instagram. We’re on an exciting adventure, and we’d love you to join us!

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3 months ago

Prepare to be bowled over! The ME+U Bowling Cricket Shoe, specifically designed to include a fly knitted upper with TPU foil wrap for a lightweight, breathable, sweat wicking shoe. The EVA foam midsole provides support and cushioning, while the custom fly knitted ankle sock provides ankle support and cushioning to the achilles.
Our Bowling shoes are tried, trusted and worn by professionals, head over to the website for more unique specifications on the great shoe

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5 months ago

Introducing ME+U Women’s All Rounder Cricket Shoe! Designed specifically for women’s feet with internal and external forefoot support, accentuated heel detail to transfer load into the ground, flexible in the toe box reducing straight by allowing natural flexion and so much more!

Tried and trusted by professionals, the Women’s All Rounder will be hitting the market and the headlines soon.

Head over to our website and sign up to our newsletter for updates

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5 months ago

Introducing ME+U Men’s All Rounder Cricket Shoe! Backed by sports science, biomechanics and plyometrics, the All Rounder has a flexible sole system to alleviate pressure and built in sock system for more stability.

The inclusion of our unique heel section to absorb impact, these are a high-quality shoe with stability and flexibility in the correct places allowing for a safer and more effective bowling action. Steffan Jones

Tried and trusted by professionals, the Men’s All Rounder will be hitting the market and the headlines soon. Head over to our website and sign up to our newsletter for updates

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5 months ago

You don't have to be the smartest person on the planet to understand i love cricket. It has given me everything and continues to be my number 1 passion.

This season, 2Reds Apparel started a three year partnership with the South Coast District Cricket Association.

The South Coast is a place that I hold close to my heart and a place I have always called home. My journey started in a little town called Jamberoo. We had next to nothing, but we had everything when it came to sport. South Coast cricket gave me an opportunity to showcase my skills at a representative level and I'll always be grateful. I can still remember the day I was presented my playing cap.

As you can tell, our connection with the south coast at 2Reds Apparel runs very deep. We are looking forward to the next three years and beyond. Nothing but the best for the athletes looking to better themselves on and off the field. We can't wait to give these players the opportunity to feel those amazing emotions when they put the 2Reds Apparel kit on for the first time, just like I did so many years ago.

Keep striving to be better! 💯💯💯❤️💯💯💯💯💯

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7 months ago

B3 Cricket teamwear division is growing fast. We offer a full, hassle free service from design through to delivery.

We looked at a lot of suppliers and various textiles to ensure we got the best quality and fit.

Here’s the Queensland Over 40s who are playing in the Australian Over 40s Tournament this week in Brisbane.

Looking smart in their kits and baggy maroon caps supplied by B3 Cricket.

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7 months ago

Since B3 started in 2012 our USP has been: 'Every customer gets the Pro Service!'

That isn't idle marketing spiel, it’s fact!

Every customer can specify their perfect shape, size, weight, grade, handle and stickers.

Your bat will be made in our Nottingham factory, from genuine English willow, and then delivered anywhere in the world within a week or so.

What's more, if you’re not completely happy, we will make you a new one or give you your money back.

We are now taking applications for our 2024 Brand Ambassadors.

Not only is this open to up-and-coming young players, but also to adult players and coaches who can help us spread the word about B3 Cricket in their local cricket networks.

In return, you will get the very best bats and kit at preferential prices and rewards for introducing new players to our growing brand.

Interested? Email me - michael@b3cricket.com

Yours in Cricket

Michael Blatherwick

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7 months ago

From cricket bat creation to refurbishments (Repair) and handle replacements, we are your one-stop shop for all of your cricket needs. We are trusted by professional International cricketers because of our high quality services. If you want to fix your bat like new but aren't sure if it's repairable or what to buy a professional cricket bat then just drop us an email at info@coopercricket.com.au with a few photographs of your bat or fix your appointment so we can meet face to face and see the bat condition together. We sell cricket accessories too like cricket protective gears, cricket bat grips, cricket bags, batting gloves, batting pads, etc.

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9 months ago

During October 2023 all custom made butterfly English willow cricket bats are $599.

Butterfly English willow makes an outstanding cricket bat that is very durable and pings very well. The Butterfly name comes from the stain on the face of the cricket bat that is caused from branch pruning whilst the tree is growing over approximately 15 years.

It looks like a butterfly in shape and it actually strengthens all of the willow surrounding it. It adds character and depth to the willow which contributes to its unique appearance.

At Cooper Cricket we have been using butterfly English willow for many years now and we have had many players in many grades using it with outstanding results. It also makes for a great training bat as it is very durable and affordable.

The October 2023 discount represents a $200 saving from our regular price of $799.

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9 months ago

JPGavan is a cricket equipment brand in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in custom made bats, that you can wait and watch while it's been made or pick out your specs online, and professional cricket bat repairs. We also sell high quality cricket equipment like pads and gloves. We repair bats for the best cricketers going around, and can fix your bat too. Get in touch - josh@jpgavan.com or text 0447670311

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9 months ago

B3 Cricket is very proud to announce that B3 Teamwear is the official kit supplier for the Australian Over 40s team to play in the Over 40’s Global Cup in Karachi this September 2023.

Here’s why they chose B3 Teamwear:
Free design service
High quality materials
Great value
Fast turnaround

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10 months ago

B3 Cricket bat reviews keep coming in

At B3 we are work hard on providing our customers with not only the very best cricket bats and cricket kit, but we also work hard on providing our customers with the best customer service.

Here's just a few comments from our valued customers.

Aayush Patel
"Great staff and overall a great experience. Such great cricketing company with wealth of experience and high-quality cricket equipment. Definitely visiting again every-time I need new cricket equipment”.

Jovi Sahota
"Recommended from several teammates - so, with high hopes, B3 exceeded all expectations, with constant communication, short lead time and attention to detail with my 2 bats. Thank you!"

Thomas Harris
"Had three bats from B3 now. Cannot fault them. Will continue to use them and would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a exceptional bat for a good price"

Richard Evans
"Been getting my sons kit from B3 since they started up almost a decade ago. Second to none service and great for repairs and refurbs"

Click to visit B3 Cricket -

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11 months ago

GM – MAESTRO at Greg Chappell Cricket Centre

Forged through a long-standing partnership between Gunn & Moore and the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre, the MAESTRO returns in the GM cricket range. This bat features an L555, traditional length blade and GM’s F4.5 semi-curved face. A mid-to-low sweet spot with a full profile and minimal scalloping through the back, this extremely special bat will help you master your skills at the crease! Exclusive to the GCCC.

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11 months ago

Introducing iBowl Pro, our groundbreaking latest offering from ImmersifAI. This innovative bowling machine revolutionises training with its intelligent design and cutting-edge motor technology. Enhancing batting, catching, and fielding practice, iBowl is an essential tool for athletes. Effortlessly controlled through a user-friendly app, it offers a range of features that take training to new heights.

iBowl delivers thunderous swinging deliveries up to 150kms, including spin options. Its lightweight design ensures portability and convenience, while remaining cost-effective for a wide user base.

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12 months ago