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Bowling - Spin

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I’m 19 and bowl leg spin.
Sometimes I change where my front foot lands on the crease to add variety as the release point of the ball isn’t in the same spot all the time for the batter to get used to.
A bowling coach suggested “if you vary where you start your run up by 40cm and let your front foot land in the same position. That way the batter won’t pick up any subtle differences at the time I release the ball but the different angle in the run up will create the variety you’re looking for.”
He said the batter probably won’t pick up on the different starting point of your run up.
Is this good advice? I’d like to get some other opinions.

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last month

I’m a young offspinner playing grade cricket in Melbourne and have a question about bowling in one day games.

Our captain wants me to bowl flat and full-to middle stump so we can have 3 players on the boundary to keep the runs down and look to get the batter out bowled or LBW.

My preference is to bowl with more loop just outside off stump and spin the ball back towards the stumps. I feel more comfortable as some balls will turn more than others and I’m hoping to beat the outside and inside edge of the bat.

I’d like to get some advice on which is the better way. He is the captain, so I do as I’m ask but I find it difficult.


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7 months ago

I’m an accredited cricket coach and would like to get some feedback on how to help leg spinners get more revolutions on the ball so they’re not just bowling at the same pace every ball.
Where does their power come from to get more revolutions. Is it their wrist and fingers or does the power stems from their run up and delivery stride?

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last year

As spin bowlers, ideally, we should aim to get maximum revolutions on the ball every delivery. The angle of our wrist at the point of delivery determines the way the ball behaves both in the air and off the pitch but the more revolutions, the more dramatically the ball will drop or drift in the air and the more quickly it will behave once it hits the pitch.

Maximum revolutions lead to deception through the air and explosions off the pitch. Putting it simply, more fizz equals more wickets.

Whilst there will be slight variations in pace through the air depending on what type of delivery you bowl this should never impact on the amount you are spinning the ball. To be clear, spin relates to revolutions, turn relates to sideways movement of the ball off the pitch.

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last year