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My son is a 14-year-old wicket keeper, and he was asking questions about the Bairstow stumping. He said he’s tried it before and that it happens a lot in junior cricket.
He wants to know if he should do it or not. What advice can I offer him?

last year


Hi Adrian, just my opinion, but I think Bairstow is the one that made the error. He may well be a Test player, but the rule has always been and never argued in my 52 years in the game, that the batter has to be in their crease when the ball is live. If it were my son, and I have two who have kept wickets, I would have been very supportive of their actions had they done what Carey did and would continue to be going forward.
What I wouldn't be as comfortable with was if they had taken the ball - made out it was over then thrown it as the stumps. Carey took the ball and threw it immediately. No hesitation. Bairstow is within his rights to think he was behaving as if it was the end of the over, but his role is to bat and the umpire's role is to call over. He got that the wrong way around.
As I said, just my opinion. Cheers.

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