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I was a wicket keeper and loved being in the action all the time. I wrote an overview on my LinkedIn profile a few years ago which described how what I learned as a wicket-keeper shaped me in my business career:

“For years I was the wicket keeper in a cricket team , a role that shapes how the team performs. It taught me the virtue of humility, the importance of teamwork and reliability, and the value that comes from instinct.
The wicket keeper is many things: the enforcer who takes the game to the competition, the elite fielder who’s able to convert half-chances into chances, and a safe set of hands who has the experience to be in the right place at the right time.
Like any successful person, a good wicket keeper is consistent day in and day out. He is never off duty mentally or physically.
What I learned behind the stumps shaped my approach to leadership.”

last year

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