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Mac Jenkins inspiring journey to India

Paul Ryan | September 20, 2023

At the end of May 2023 Mac Jenkins embarked on a journey to India to deliver cricket programs to young kids.

For 10 days Mac helped, guided, and supported the young children and found himself learning so much more.

Let’s find out more about Mac trip to India.


Tell us about your recent trip to India?

I travelled to India, specifically Delhi and Ghaziabad to deliver cricket programs and activities to underprivileged children in the Delhi NCR region. 

During my time there I set up base and ran clinics at the Seva Group Foundation, which is an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) that works for children who are orphaned, abandoned, or whose families are unable to care for them.

What was the catalyst for you getting involved with charity work on the sub-continent?

One of the parents of the children I coach returned from a family trip to Cambodia back in January 2022. During the trip they had made a connection with the Cambodian Children’s Fund. They showed photos of the trip to me, and it made me think about what I could do to make an impact and contribute more broadly. For me, cricket was the obvious outlet and what better place in the world to combine cricket and charity work than in India. 

Was it a daunting experience travelling to a country you’d never been to and travelling alone the whole time you were there?

It was but it just forced me to stretch myself and get out of that comfort zone. Ask anyone who has visited India, it is indescribable. The energy, the noise, the pace…as soon as you get there your senses are heightened. When I look back now, the whole experience was exhilarating.

Even the simple things like navigating where to go, developing contacts, organising travel, conducting the sessions on my own and, before I left, coordinating with different clubs and sporting bodies for donations…it was a whole new world of responsibility to take on.